4DOST App and Website

4DOST ("4 friends"): From concept to becoming Pakistan's top search App

We were approached by a group of entrepreneurs with a novel idea to design & develop an App & website to provide a local business directory, search engine, customer review & rating capabilities as well as Deals & Events. There was a unique market gap in the local Pakistani market for such a product.

At NiloTech we took the challenge head-on. We put together an architectural flow design for 4DOST App & backend admin system. We collaborated with entrepreneurs and built a native android App proto for 4DOST within 3 months. A fully functional admin backend and the website were developed as well.

Loaded & ready to launch

With the approval of the 4DOST App & website proto done by NiloTech’s developers; the 4DOST team needed an innovative App launch campaign to grow the App audience, so they turned to marketing pros at NiloTech.

NiloTech’s marketing team put together a 3 month roadmap for launch & phase-1 marketing strategy for 4DOST App. A comprehensive keyword research was done to put together an SEO campaign, alongwith aligned digital marketing & social media campaign as well as branding guidelines. We put together a strategy to attract local businesses to list their businesses with 4DOST App & website and customers to start using the app to find & review businesses as well as search Deals & Events.  

Boosting the 4DOST brand

With NiloTech’s successful launch strategy, branding guidelines, digital & social media marketing campaigns; we were able to list ~100,000 business to 4DOST’s business directory by end of 3 months. It was a multi-city simulatenous launch aligning many moving targets to make it a successful campaign. Besides business listing activity, a customer awareness campaign was launched as well as a roadmap for marketing meetups. NiloTech’s marketing team took a strategic marketing opportunity to help 4DOST co-sponsor ongoing T20 Cricket WorldCup that aligns with cricketing craze of Pakistani nation. Content & blogs put together by NiloTech’s team became instant hit with Pakistani Cricket fans and pulling in significant customer traffic to 4DOST website & social media pages.

end-to-end project handling

The project is still ongoing and rapidly gaining momentum with more & more businesses listing them at 4DOST App and users downloading 4DOST App at Google PlayStore and giving it a top-star rating at PlayStore itself.

With NiloTech’s end-to-end project handling, 4DOST has already become Pakistan’s #1 search & deals App. 4DOST is seeing a massive adoption in a market that’s ripe with young internet users and seeking a reliable local business search & review platform. 4DOST is now hitting 200,000+ business registered within 4 months of launch and a significant customer traffic driving to their website & App downloads.

4DOST App is available on Google PlayStore with customers loving it & giving it a top-star ratings.

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